What Can I Do

Hostility toward Religious Freedom is increasing at an alarming rate.  It is time for us to unite and protect our Religious Freedoms in America!

  • In the Temecula Wine Country, a zoning ordinance was quietly adopted in 1999 by the County (and pressed by the Vintners) to prevent the expansion of the only church (Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship) and to permanently exclude all other houses of worship from this zone. A new zoning plan, the Wine Country Plan, has been proposed that continues this religious hostility by not including houses of worship in over 100,000 contiguous acres of the County.
  • Since 2010, many of the Temecula Valley Wineries have launched an aggressive assault against private schools and houses of worship in Riverside County.
  • CCBF agrees with Supervisor Jeff Stone when he stated in a letter written on January 25, 2010, “houses of worship and schools are the backbone of any community”.  And  “I support churches locating in the wine country and in fact, in any zone, and will do everything in my power to see that this is overturned”.
  • Today you have a window of opportunity to stand up for the religious freedoms American’s hold so dear, so let your voice be heard.


Step 1: Let your voice be heard NOW by contacting them!
Send to:  Mary Stark, Planning Commission Secretary
County of Riverside Administrative Center
4080 Lemon Street, 12th Floor
P.O. Box 1409,
Riverside, CA 92502
Email: mcstark@rctlma.org

Phone: 951-955-7436
fax:        951-955-1811
Riverside County Planning Commission:
Write separately: “Attention” each Planning Commissioner

Commissioner John Roth, District 1

Commissioner John Snell, District 2

Commissioner John Petty, District 3

Commissioner Jim Porras, District 4

Commissioner Jan Zuppardo, District 5



County Administrative Center
4080 Lemon Street – 5th Floor
Riverside, California 92501
Bob Buster, Dist. 1 
  bbuster@rcbos.org, ph: 951-955-1010, fax: 955-1019
John Tavaglione, Dist. 2
  jtavagli@rcbos.org, ph: 951-955-1020, fax: 955-2362
Jeff Stone, Dist.3
 jestone@rcbos.org, ph: 951-955-1030, fax: 955-2194
John Benoit, Dist. 4
 district4@rcbos.org, ph: 951-955-1040, fax: 955-2194
Marion Ashley, Dist. 5
 mashley@rcbos.org, ph: 951-955-1050, no fax given.